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TOYS - TOlerance in Youth Sport

The best practices in promoting tolerance among youth

Triggered the debate for the identification of best practices in promoting tolerance among youth Upcoming news from TOYS!
Mesagne, Italy
On Monday, 13 January, the Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA) in cooperation with the Euro Mediterranean Scientific and Biomedical Institute (ISBEM) and Mesagne Volley officially launched the activities of the project TOYS. The Convento dei Cappucini in Mesagne is the centre of this initiative that will also be involving other symbolic territories of the Apulia Region.
Participants were welcomed by Professor Alessandro Distante and Enzo Debonis, respectively Director and Project Manager of ISBEM, as well as from Edina Dzogovic on behalf of ALDA. The group will be followed throughout the week by the local radio of Mesagne IDEA.

Monday, 13 was fully dedicated to get to know each other and to remove all potential barriers to communication among representatives of 9 different countries. The initiative is registering a strong involvement and participation of the local citizenship, too. Mr Lino Guglielmi, City Counsellor on Social Services of the Municipality of Mesagne welcomed the participants and the initiative and launched a call to all local youngsters to join the group.
On Tuesday, 14, the group met with the students of the High School Epifanio Ferdinando. A group of around 100 participants had therefore the opportunity of attending the presentation of the new EU programme for education, training, youth and sport Erasmus +. It was an occasion for both internationals and locals to get to know more about upcoming opportunities for youth.

The participants gathered in the afternoon to discuss the topic of sport and European identity and citizenship. The world caf methodology made the whole session very participative and led participants to bring in and share their own experiences and opinions.
In the evening, the world-wide known Italian singer Al Bano welcomed the participants in his own structure. It was a very emotional moment for many of the participants coming from the neighbouring countries of the EU, where Albanos songs are still welcomed as a vehicle of change towards more democracy.

Stay tuned and follow our activities also today! Local television, press and radio are disseminating the project and its main issues everyday.
The project is financially supported by the European Union (Youth in Action Program, Action 3 Sub-Action 3.1).

Youth in Action - 03.01.2014.

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